Southeast Louisiana Team

Darelle Bergeron, Southeast LA Regional Coordinator

Career Compass Starting Year: 2009 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana State University 

Major(s): M.A. Education 

High School Alma Mater: Centerville High SchoolCenterville, LA 

Contact: dbergeron(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because I get to help students develop a plan for success for their future. I become their number one fan, encourager, and helper. Sometimes just knowing someone is on your team is enough to start a fire within, which can lead to unlimited potential in students all over the state. I am blessed to be able to reach so many students through one organization. The success stories are infinite. 


Laura Dozar

Career Compass Starting Year: 2013 

College Alma Mater(s): Nicholls State University 

Major(s): B.S. Business Education 

High School Alma Mater: Morgan City High School, Morgan City, LA 

Contact: ldozar(a) 

Working as a Career Compass Coach really IS the best job ever! Being a senior Career Compass coach has allowed me to continue to help students even after I retired from the classroom after 30 years of teaching. Helping students realize their future potential and making their post-secondary dreams come true is just one perk of my job. It is the best feeling knowing that maybe, just maybe a child will continue his "college" education because of the guidance and knowledge that we were able to give as Career Compass coaches.

Karen Ellender

College Alma Mater(s): University of Louisiana at Monroe 

Major(s): B.A. Business Education 

High School Alma MaterTerrebonne High School, Houma, LA 

Contact: kellender(a) 

I spent 35 years educating and working with young high school students. After retiring, I missed the interaction I developed with my students. Working with Career Compass of LA has given me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young adults once again. These young adults keep me laughing and feeling renewed! Thank you, CCLA, for making a difference in my life and giving me the opportunity to pay it forward. 

Frischhertz Anne-Marie.png

Anne-Marie Frischertz

Career Compass Starting Year: 2015 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana State University 

Major(s): B.S. Kinesiology 

High School Alma MaterPlaquemine High School, Plaquemine, Louisiana 

Contact: afrischhertz(a) 

I feel I’m making a difference because the students we work with are the future, and I am helping them to be successful and happy! 

Kathy Gilbert 1.jpg

Kathy Gilbert

Career Compass Starting Year: 2017  

College Alma Mater(s): University of Texas - Pan American (now The University of the Rio Grande)

Major(s): B.F.A. Art/Advertising-Design; B.A.

High School Alma Mater: H.L. Bourgeois High School, Houma, L

Contact: kgilbert(a) 

Having retired after 20 years of teaching, I found that I missed interacting with high school students. I feel that I as a college & career coach, I can help more students with their post-secondary choices than I was able to as a classroom teacher.

Kaitlyn Hollier

Career Compass Starting Year: 2014  

College Alma Mater(s): McNeese State University  

Major(s): B.A. Liberal Arts, B.A. History, M.A. Teaching - Secondary Education  

High School Alma Mater: Sam Houston High School, Moss Bluff, LA

Contact: khollier(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because it gives me the opportunity to help every student recognize his or her potential, talents and gifts and understand how those characteristics can be used to mold a future and career. 

Ann Labat.jpg

Ann Labat

Career Compass Starting Year: 2017 

College Alma Mater(s): Nicholls State University

Major(s)B.S. Secondary Education

High School Alma MaterAscension Catholic High School, Donaldsonville, LA

Contact: alabat(a) 

I became a college & career coach upon my retirement as a teacher so that I could still help students and make a difference in their lives.

Jill Lanclos.jpg

Jill Lanclos

Career Compass Starting Year: 2017 

College Alma Mater(s): Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UT

Major(s)B.A. Educational Studies

High School Alma MaterJeanerette Sr. High School, Jeanerette,   La.

Contact: jlanclos(a) 

I believe every person should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. I feel I’m making a difference because I’m encouraging students to further their educations, and providing them with the steps to make it happen. I also enjoy the collaboration and camaraderie I experience with school campus staff because we are on the same team, working together to empower youth.

Courtney Mathews

Career Compass Starting Year: 2016  

College Alma Mater(s): University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

Major(s)B.A. Elementary Education 

High School Alma MaterOvey Comeauv High School, Lafayette, LA 

Contact: cmathews(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because even though I am no longer in the classroom, I still feel like I have a great impact on the students I work with. The students are so appreciative, and I feel like my impact is significant! 


Paige Roussel

Career Compass Starting Year: 2011 

College Alma Mater(s): Nicholls State University 

Major(s)B.A. Elementary Education 

High School Alma Mater: Morgan City High School, Morgan City, LA 

Contact: proussel(a) 

I love when I run into past students and they can’t wait to tell me about college and all they are doing. On the flip side, it makes me feel blessed when a past student that may be struggling, sees me and wants to talk and get advice on what other options they may have out there for them. 

Peggy Silverman.jpg

Peggy Silverman

Career Compass Starting Year: 2017 

College Alma Mater(s): McNeese State University, University of Southern Mississippi

Major(s): M.A. Reading

High School Alma Mater: Sulphur High School; Sulphur, LA

Contact: psilverman(a) 

I feel I’m making a difference as a college & career coach because so many of the students that I work with really need and appreciate the information I provide. It may really be a catalyst for their future success.

Cairre Wiley

Career Compass Starting Year: 2016 

College Alma Mater(s): University of Louisiana at Lafayette  

Major(s): B.F.A. Graphic Design 

High School Alma Mater: Berwick High School, Berwick, LA 

Contact: cwiley(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because I enjoy working with students and making an impact in their lives. 

Gina Wiley

Career Compass Starting Year: 2015 

Major(s)B.A. General Studies, M.Ed. + 30 Graduate Hours 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana State University, Nicholls State University 

High School Alma MaterCentral Catholic High School, Morgan City, LA 

Contact: gwiley(a) 

It is so rewarding when you are able to help a student realize their dreamsespecially when they do not realize all the options available to them. Last week, I was able to help a senior pay the admissions fee to Louisiana State UniversityShe was so excited that she wanted to text her mom to give her the good news. Just the look on her face was worth a million dollars.