Our Offerings

12th Grade College and Career Coaching

Experienced Career Compass coaches work one-on-one with high school seniors to help them map out their plans for the future. With specialized, in-depth knowledge of the post-secondary options in their part of the state, coaches equip students with accurate information about their options for the future. Whether students need help exploring various career options, gaining admission to a particular post-secondary institution, getting on the right path for their chosen career, or all of the above, Career Compass coaches are here to help.

Key Benefits

  • Access to proprietary, leading-edge, student-centered learning modules designed exclusively for Louisiana’s high school students, incorporating tailored subject matter including career pathways ideal for Louisiana’s future workforce; Louisiana post-secondary institution profiles and actionable plans to apply to them; Jump Start diploma options, and more. 
  • Delivery. Our trained coaches act as representatives on our behalf, facilitating the delivery of the system in high schools across the state. Students have consistent access to a caring, experienced college and career coach who is well-versed in Louisiana college admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and career exploration. The student-level data collected by our coaches is unique, and is available only upon the student’s completion of each module. Busy guidance counselors and administrators can focus on the countless items already on their plates, while allowing a reputable, economical nonprofit to take the lead.
  • Data Reports and Benchmarking. Career Compass collects and protects student-level data from each individual we work with, and provides regular data reports and analytics. These reports provide essential information for both school districts and post-secondary institutions, and often is required for local, state and federal funding.  We safeguard all FERPA-protected data and are accountable to each of our partner school districts.

FAFSA Coordination Services (available as add on to 12th grade coaching)

A Career Compass FAFSA coordinator will work with school level personnel to coordinate FAFSA completion efforts By increasing its FAFSA completion rate, Louisiana can take a positive step towards developing a more competitive and diverse workforce by reducing the financial and opportunity costs of pursuing postsecondary education and technical training. While most Louisiana high school graduates are eligible for some form of merit- or need-based state or federal financial aid, only 44% of them file the FAFSA. In fact, Louisiana students forego roughly $54 million each year in federal grants, state opportunities, and other funding for post-secondary education.

Key Benefits

  • Schools will increase FAFSA awareness and completion to meet Louisiana graduation requirements.
  • Students will learn to access financial aid options early in their senior year, obliterating one key obstacle to post-secondary success.

Small-Group Coaching (Available for 9th – 10th grade)

Every high school student should be able to count on an engaged adult to provide accurate, actionable advice about college and career options. Career Compass offers small-group college and career coaching to high school freshmen and sophomores as an early intervention to get students on the right track toward earning their diploma and achieving their goals. Whether your students need help deciding on a Jump Start career pathway, or just need some extra guidance, small-group coaching can help your students get their college and career bearings.

Key Benefits

  • A small-group setting allows students to partake in college and career coaching together. While they don’t have the privacy of a one-to-one session, coaches cultivate a collegial and confidential environment that encourages collaboration and participation.
  • Small-group coaching can be less costly than one-on-one coaching.
  • Designed with young high school students in mind, small-group sessions are designed to arm students with vital information about college and career pathways at a critical juncture in their educational careers.
  • Group seminars help students explore a variety of options and get exposed to many potential paths.

College and Career Awareness Seminars and Boot Camps (Available for 6th – 11th grade)

Even as early as middle school, students encounter obstacles that might prevent them from pursuing post-secondary education. But, armed with the right information and age-appropriate resources, students can overcome these obstacles and follow their dreams. Career Compass’ college and career awareness seminars reach students in grades 6–11 to start the conversation about career choices and post-secondary options.

Key Benefits

  • College and career awareness seminars take up just a couple of hours out of the school year, but have a major impact.
  • Seminars help schools build a college-ready culture early on.
  • Students who are thinking about their post-secondary goals early can better structure their high school experience to help them meet their goals.