Northern Louisiana Team


Laura Weego, North LA Regional Coordinator

Career Compass Starting Year: 2012 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana State University  

Major(s): B.A. Sociology; Master's of Social Work 

High School Alma Mater: Trinity Heights Christian Academy, Shreveport, LA 

Contact: lweego(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because I love Louisiana! I truly believe that our coaches are making a difference in this state, because we are privileged to play a small part in teaching students to own their futures.

Hardee Allen

Career Compass Starting Year: 2015 

College Alma Mater(s): Stephen F. Austin State University 

Major(s): B.S. Nursing 

High School Alma Mater: Pleasant Hill High School, Pleasant Hill, LA 

Contact: hallen(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because it allows me to perform my job as if I am in a mission field. Every student is unique, and there is always a feeling of being able to help/serve each student based on their needs. I feel like Career Compass is not just a job, but an extension of my household; therefore, no guilt in spending time doing this work! 

Stephanie Arnold

Career Compass Starting Year: 2013 

College Alma Mater(s): Texas Tech University 

Major(s): B.S Human Development and Family Studies, specializing in Early Childhood Education 

High School Alma Mater: L.V. Berkner High School, Richardson, TX 

Contact: sarnold(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because every day is positive. I want students to leave feeling good about their options. I’ve made some great friends through work and I genuinely like everyone on our team. I feel lucky that I’ve found such a great job! 


Bridget Bertrand

Career Compass Starting Year: 2018

Contact: bbertrand(a)


Holly Carney

Career Compass Starting Year: 2015 

Major(s): B.S. Accounting 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana Tech University 

High School Alma Mater: Ruston High School, Ruston, LA 

Contact: hcarney(a) 

I feel I’m making a difference because I had two students just last week alone who told me they couldn’t have hit their goals without our help. They were so grateful, and I loved being a part of making their future happen.

Nikkie Dodd

Career Compass Starting Year: 2016 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana Tech University 

Major(s): B.A. Secondary Education, focus in Chemistry Education 

High School Alma Mater: Caddo Magnet High School, Shreveport, LA 

Contact: ndodd(a) 

I feel I’m making a difference because I get the chance to provide students with information that will help them make informed decisions about their future plans after high school.


Jennifer Engelke

Career Compass Starting Year: 2011 

College Alma Mater(s): Texas A&M University 

Major(s): B.A. Speech Communication 

High School Alma Mater: Plano Senior High School, Plano, TX 

Contact: jengelke(a) 

What’s not to love about being a Career Compass Coach? I am paid well to do a job I love, with people I love, working with students I enjoy very much, and the hours work perfectly with my family’s schedule. It truly is the best job ever.


Pamela Engelker

Career Compass Starting Year: 2018

Contact: pengelker(a)

Christie Evans

Career Compass Starting Year: 2010 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana State University 

Major(s): B.A. Education 

High School Alma Mater: Hixson High School, Hixson, TN 

Contact: cevans(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because I love working with students. Helping them reach their goals is such a rewarding experience. The excitement on students’ faces when I help them apply to college and when they show me their acceptance letters is the best feeling in the world. I love being a part of a team that gives high school seniors a step into their future.


Leigh Hinton

Career Compass Starting Year: 2018

Contact: lhinton(a)

Wendy Hinton

Career Compass Starting Year: 2016 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana Tech University 

Major(s): B.S. Marketing 

High School Alma Mater: Ponchatoula High School, Ponchatoula, LA 

Contact: whinton(a) 

I feel I’m making a difference because I have a lot of students who think they do not have options because of low grades, low ACT scores, or a perception that they cannot afford college. As a coach, I am able to give them a wealth of knowledge so they can achieve their post-secondary goals!


Jamie Howell

Career Compass Starting Year: 2018

Contact: jhowell(a)


Cheryl Kathleen Malley

Career Compass Starting Year: 2018

Contact: kmalley(a)

Cheryl Parker

Career Compass Starting Year: 2016 

College Alma Mater(s): Northeast Louisiana University, Louisiana Tech University 

Major(s): B.S. Home Economics; M.S. Nutrition 

High School Alma Mater: Ouachita Parish High School, Monroe, LA 

Contact: cparker(a) 

I feel I’m making a difference because I have the potential to make a positive impact on every student I sit across from. I have already been able to show students that there can be more than one pathway to a career. Being able to explore the student’s options and find the best possible path for them to be successful has already been very rewarding. Seeing the smile on their faces when they realize that a post-secondary education is a very real possibility—it’s the best feeling ever.


Troquel Riley

Career Compass Starting Year: 2017

College Alma Mater(s): Texas Woman’s University, Louisiana State University-Shreveport, Northeast Louisiana University

Major(s): M.S. Occupational Therapy, B.S. Kinesiology and Health Science, A.S. Occupational Therapy

High School Alma Mater: Huntington High School, Shreveport, LA

Contact: triley(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because I have a platform to motivate and empower today’s youth by initiating steps that will assist them in moving forward with a career choice that will impact their future. 


Shannon Smith

Career Compass Starting Year: 2011 

College Alma Mater(s): University of Texas San Antonio 

Major(s): B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies: Teacher Certification EC-6 

High School Alma Mater: Thomas B. Doherty High School, Colorado Springs, CO 

Contact: ssmith(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because we have the privilege of helping students to make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. We give hope when a student feels stuck in a situation. We supply a “plan B” when their “plan A” falls through.  We create alternate avenues to get to their ultimate destination. We encourage them and arm them with the knowledge to make smart choices about their futures. We care for them and cheer them on; we make a difference! 

Ashley Wachal

Career Compass Starting Year: 2018

Contact: awachal(a)

Jill Whitney

Career Compass Starting Year: 2015 

College Alma Mater(s): University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

Major(s): B.A. Fashion Merchandising and Design 

High School Alma Mater: Parkway High School, Bossier City, LA 


Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because working with students was never something I thought I would end up doing. When I was given this opportunity to work as a Career Coach, I never dreamed that this would be the best job I have ever had. I love going to work every day and truly making a difference in students' lives. 

Donielle Wynn

Career Compass Starting Year: 2016 

College Alma Mater(s): Louisiana State University in Shreveport 

Major(s): B.A. Education 

High School Alma Mater: Airline High School, Bossier City, LA 

Contact: dwynn(a) 

Being a Career Compass coach is the best job ever because I am able to offer encouragement and solutions for students who don’t think they have a chance at post-secondary education. It makes my heart happy to be a part of a student’s dream and know I have made a difference in the outcome of their future. I also believe I have some of the best co-workers possible. This job has made me feel like I am a part of something big!